Vancouver’s urban farms increased in number by 17% between 2010 and 2011

So reads the summary report of the Vancouver Urban Farming Forum, held in March 2012.

Other key findings include:

  • In Vancouver, urban farms can happen almost anywhere there is land and sun. Urban farms are found in residential yards, rooftops, brownfield sites, the ALR, University campuses, parking lots, vacant lots and city-owned boulevards.
  • Vancouver Urban farmers sell primarily through Community Shared Agriculture programs (CSAs) and Farmers Markets. Some urban farms sell to grocers and restaurants while others only donate their harvests. Urban farmers at the forum would like to explore more avenues for sales and for selling value-added products.
  • Vancouver urban farming crops are primarily vegetables. Many farms sell multiple crops; some specialize in one or two crops. A few farms also raise chickens.
  • Many urban farmers are committed to their craft and along with tending their crops, have become urban farming advocates and educators.
  • Vancouver Urban farmers are innovative and constantly experiment with various growing methods including vertical farming, SPIN farming, and permaculture.

The full report is here.