UK Green MP Caroline Lucas on sharing the responsibilities of leadership

Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, Caroline Lucas, is stepping down. The Party said she’s making the move “in order to broaden opportunities for the range of talent in the party and to raise the profiles of others aspiring to election”.

The UK Greens have seen tremendous success during her four year term. She became the first Green MP, representing Brighton Pavilion, and the Greens saw major breakthroughs in recent local elections. They’ve also supplanted the Liberal Democrats to become the third party in municipal elections in London and have been strident opponents of austerity.

Lucas offered good advice on leadership when writing about her decision:

It was always my view that leadership, for the Greens, did not have to be about seizing power and holding on to it at all costs. Leaders must have confidence in their abilities as well as their cause. But to ensure that every individual in the movement feels a personal responsibility, they should also be eager to share out the responsibilities of leadership with others, from shaping policy to maintaining morale. In other Green parties around the world, leaders have often been the first to recognise that the time has come for others to take up that responsibility; a healthy contrast to seeing traditional politicians clawing at their desks in a vain attempt to hang on to power.