Vancouver Board of Trade hosts secretly funded talk on environmental campaign funding

Krause at Board of Trade, June 5 2012

Vivian Krause is an unofficial communications operative for the fossil industry and its political affiliates. She has built a reputation as an aggressive and conspiratorial advocate for unfettered and unexamined commercial extraction of fossil fuels in Canada, while making mostly rhetorical accusations about the funding sources for Canada’s environmental movement.

In her “first keynote address” to the Vancouver Board of Trade, she spoke to a group of mostly older white men about her findings from “an extensive review of the funding of environmental campaigns”.

In her blogging and writing, Krause is quick to criticize secrecy from the funders of environmental campaigns. Yet, in what should be an hypocritical embarrassment for her and the Board of Trade, the sponsor of her talk is unlisted. Yes, that’s right: the mysterious sponsor of Krause’s talk on secret sponsorship requested that their identity be concealed from the public.

The Board of Trade declined to comment.

This secret sponsorship is very rare for the Board, which offers many public talks each week, nearly always with listed sponsors. There has only been one other talk this year with an unlisted sponsor.

So, who do we think paid for her talk? Perhaps we need the Canadian Senate to look into whether or not it was paid for by Chinese state-owned oil companies?

Beth Hong at the Vancouver Observer has more on this: “Fair question: who paid Vivian Krause to speak at the Vancouver Board of Trade?”