“Best corporate citizens” in Canada are cooperatives

The top three “best corporate citizens” in Canada are cooperatives, with a fourth cooperative rounding out the top six. The top three are Desjardins Group, Vancouver City Savings, and the Co-operators Group — working in finance, banking and insurance — with consumer cooperative Mountain Equipment Coop in sixth place.

The methodology used by the ranker, Corporate Knights, is explained here.

Note that the list includes businesses like Encana, SNC-Lavalin, Enbridge and a number of mining companies.

Encana has been accused of participating in an illegal cartel, and SNC-Lavalin can’t seem to avoid allegations of corruption and ties to Gaddafi’s dictatorship. Clearly, good corporate citizenship is loosely — though methodically — defined.

Nonetheless, it is welcome to see cooperative structures celebrated for good governance, transparency and their environmental and social contributions.