More from Price on the Pattullo

Gordon Price directs your attention to Translink spending and the Pattullo Bridge project:

TransLink has no more money. Gas-tax revenue is down, there’s no new source of funding from the province, no more property tax from the municipalities and not even approval for an anticipated fare increase…

So why is TransLink moving forward on planning for a new Pattullo Bridge that will be one of the widest structures in Western Canada?

In part two of his column on this, he asks:

Why does Surrey insist on a six-lane bridge? If it were a choice – a wider Pattullo or light rail – what would their leaders say? At the moment, they want both. But why build a transportation system that works really well for the car and then expect transit to compete?

Here’s what I think: British Columbians should redirect revenue from the carbon tax to transit and inter-city rail investments. Let’s immediately schedule the path to $200/tonne carbon and make funding commitments on the backlog of transit projects so that local individuals and organizations can make decisions about the future.