Green Party of Canada calls for increased sexual and reproductive rights

From the Green Party of Canada:

“As the Harper Conservatives break in another CIDA minister, this is an excellent time for them to reverse their backward and cruel policy on legal abortion funding,” said May. “This would help improve Canada’s increasingly negative international reputation – as well as saving lives,” [Green Party Leader and MP Elizabeth] May said…

“I urge the Conservatives to use this summit to announce increased funding for sexual and reproductive health rights, including the rights of women and girls to have access to contraceptive information, services, and supplies, without coercion or discrimination,” said May.

People must collectively decide to reduce our population if we wish to live safely and reduce suffering. The Green Party position on this is consistent with a chorus of researchers and advocates calling for a reduction in human population to avert civilizational collapse.

By committing to the Millennium Development Goals, Canada vowed to pursue universal access to reproductive rights by 2015. But the Harper government has perilously walked away from these international commitments, pandering to ideological and theocratic domestic interests.