EU silent on resurgent fascism in Greece

Jerome Roos summarizes the EU’s silence toward the rising violence and authority of Greece’s neo-Nazi party:

One day it may… be considered one of history’s greatest ironies that, as EU leaders were busy deciding who would collect its Nobel Prize for “the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights,” those same leaders remained woefully silent when a recent survey indicated that the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party now polls third in Greece, at 14 percent — a showing comparable to that of Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party in 1930, three years before rising to power and setting the world on course for WWII…

Never again, we used to say. Never again. How much more blatant does the situation need to get for Europe to at least express its concern and admit that the problem exists?

Talk about what is going on in Greece. Talk about the poor, the sick, the gay men and women, trans people, immigrants and Muslims. Austerity pummels Greeks on one side, rising fascists on the other.