The United States of Permanent Repair

A German newspaper urges the US to beat “machine guns into power lines” (original in German, you can roughly translate with Chrome):

Most [US] power lines are installed above ground and tear often. The streets are littered with potholes.

It is said that 160,000 of the 600,000 bridges in the country are in danger of collapsing. The water pipes have been renewed in decades. The state of the airports is pathetic. The railways have, with few exceptions, have long earned a place in the museum.

The US, the author writes, is a country of permanent bungling (Pfusches), of “permanent repair”. The US spends too much on destroying infrastructure in other countries and too little on maintaining and updating its own.

Degraded, aging, and dangerous infrastructure also threatens Canada. Our disrupted climate makes this all the more perilous.

Beat machine guns into power lines.