Port Metro Vancouver board refuses to meet with “Kids for Climate Action”

Leigh Kjekstad at Global News turns an inspiring story about youth climate activism into apologist boosterism for a coal export faction with close ties to Port Metro Vancouver.

This story should be about young people standing up against a radical and dangerous project that endangers their economic future and the relative peace and stability of our global community. But it’s not. Instead, it’s about the “growing international demand” for Canada’s coal, “the biggest B.C. export and one that pumps billions of dollars into our economy”.

Astonishingly, there is no mention in the Global News story about the connection between coal combustion and heat-trapping pollutants, dangerous airborne toxins, or the environmental and social harm of coal mining. Instead, this is all assumably contained in what Kjekstad refers to as “the issue”.

From Kjekstad’s story:

The protesting students wanted to meet with Port Metro Vancouver’s board to discuss the issue.

Instead, the port offered up [Duncan Wilson, VP, Corporate Social Responsibility], and the students declined.

“They are making decisions that drastically affect our future, and all we want to do is talk with them,” says Sam Harrison with Kids for Climate Action.

Ultimately the students chose to share their opinions at Canada Place.

Ah, yes. That coal is an unequivocal boon to our economy is a fact. But the idea that radically altering our surroundings by exporting, shipping, and burning coal is affecting the future of young people – well, that’s just an opinion.

Learn more about Kids for Climate action at their website. They’re also looking for donations to support their work.