Bill Mckibben on the ethics of climate change action

Bill Mckibben on why climate change should be your issue too:

Try to imagine this Earth with 20 or 30 or 40 percent fewer calories on it and then see whether you think any of the other things that we worry about—development, war and peace, hunger, women’s issue, all the things we are about and hope about devoutly on this planet—whether any of them will have a chance of getting our attention. I think not…

… at root the most central ethical duty we owe each other, is simply to tell the truth about where we are. I think if everybody understands in the end that we are facing an enormous serious problem that will be hard to deal with, and we just all decide, “It’s too hard, we’re not going to deal with it, forget it”—well, that will be sad, but at least we will have made a decision, a joint, informed, ethical at some level decision that it’s just too hard for us and we can’t go on.

My guess is, if we can get people to understand, then they’ll make the much deeper, more difficult, but more human decision to do all that we can about it.