Cynical climate cowardice from the BC Liberals

Imagine your apartment is on fire. The first firefighting truck arrives, but two more are still on the way. As your home burns behind you, the firefighters’ captain tells you they won’t start fighting the growing fire until their late colleagues arrive.

“We are the best firefighters in the world,” the captain proudly declares, “but we must let the other fire trucks catch up before we continue putting this fire out.”

As you watch the fire spread from apartment to apartment and threaten an adjacent building, you notice other firefighters stoking the flames, speeding up the destruction of your home. They’re piling kindling and flammable waste up around the foundation. You angrily confront the firefighters for worsening a problem they’re pretending to be dealing with.

They return a chant in unison, drowning out your pleas for help: “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!”. As the fire they boosted moves from home to home down your block, the captain asks, “You wouldn’t put us world-leading firefighters out of work would you?

“I’m sure our co-workers will be showing up any time now. Then we’ll start putting out this fire we’ve worsened.”

In other words, the BC Liberals’ plans for a carbon tax freeze.