Albertans model social solidarity needed to confront climate crisis

Linda McQuaig:

Ironically, the values encouraged in our business-dominated era discourage the sort of co-operation that may soon be more necessary than ever.

Fortunately, Albertans, while steeped in the mantra of “survival of the fittest” and “greed is good,” seem to have set aside that training and pitched in selflessly to help each other through the crisis.

As we move deeper into the age of climate disaster, these traits of empathy and social solidarity – so belittled in our ultracompetitive, winner-take-all culture – may come to be appreciated again, even regarded as signs of sanity.

The togetherness and community resolve celebrated in Alberta’s flood response is inspiring. Yet, shared responsibility and collective action are far too often dismissed in our culture.

The solidarity and empathy of Albertans shouldn’t just be celebrated after a local disaster. Instead, these are the values we need to celebrate everyday if we hope to confront the persistent global warming disaster.