Laura Benson on the fight against coal export in Metro Vancouver

The Dogwood Initiative’s new coal campaigner Laura Benson writes a week-by-week recap of her fight against coal export expansion in Vancouver since the BC election.

Her update is impassioned and journalistic. Laura documents the front line of citizens, health officials and municipalities struggling against Port Metro Vancouver, an unaccountable regional port authority, and the dangerous coal industry it serves.

A success at Metro Vancouver’s board marked week five:

Metro Vancouver, like the city of New Westminster, had stepped into the public consultation void left by [Port Metro Vancouver]. New West’s council had passed a resolution opposing the Fraser Surrey proposal and Vancouver, White Rock and Surrey had officially expressed concern over local impacts and the decision-making process – but were there enough votes on the Metro Vancouver board to pass a motion essentially opposing the project?…

[The board] heard from academic experts in political and health sciences; ecologists and environmentalists; parents and teachers and, perhaps most notably, from Sam Harrison and Kimberly Wong of the inspiring group Kids For Climate Action.

After seven hours of debate and 46 speakers, Metro Vancouver officially took a stand against the Fraser Surrey Docks coal facility. It was an encouraging win in a fight that is far from over.

Read Laura’s update for more stories from the last five weeks of grassroots opposition to coal export in Metro Vancouver.