Religious leaders call for climate action

Christians from Presbyterian, Episcopal, Evangelical, Lutheran, Methodist, Quaker, and Baptist congregations spoke forcefully in support of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to diminish damage to the climate through further regulating coal combustion.

Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and Baha’i spiritual leaders also spoke in support of coal regulation.

“In the religious communities with which I work, people are heart-sick about the role of fossil fuels in producing the heat-trapping gases that are causing climate change,” said Joelle Novey, the director of Interfaith Power & Light, a non-profit that engages religious communities on climate issues…

“Climate change disproportionately impacts the very people who we are called to serve,” said Patricia Bruckbauer, an eco-justice fellow at Creation Justice Ministries. “Those who have consistently contributed the least to our changing climate are generally the ones who suffer the most … low-income communities, communities of color, the elderly and children.”