Cities and Climate Migration: Feb 17

Koko Warner is giving a talk at SFU Vancouver called “Making Space for the Unexpected Guests of Climate Change“.

Pertinent subject for the City of Vancouver, with the region being a likely climate refuge in the centuries ahead.

Climate change will influence where people can live in the future. Cities—as spaces of opportunity for jobs, connection, education and culture—will draw many who are searching for shelter from sea level rise, permafrost melt, severe and unpredictable weather, water shortage and subsequent impacts that accompany these climate stressors like food and livelihood insecurity. The talk will explore current findings about climate change and human migration and displacement, look at lessons learned from rural-urban migration, and explore directions for the future in policy and practice.

It will explore who is on the move related to climate change, where are they coming from and where are they headed, how are cities affected, what challenges and opportunities lie ahead? The talk will conclude with reflections on maintaining a safe operating space for humanity—in cities and landscapes interconnected with urban spaces.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
SFU Vancouver, Harbour Centre 7PM
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