Can youth get political power fast enough to save their future?

Young people are at the front of the struggle for a safe climate. Wen Stephenson writes about why that is the case, through extensive interviews with youth climate activists.

This quote, from twenty year-old Alli Welton, has really stuck with me the last few days:

[B]efore, I’d always been thinking of climate activism primarily as solidarity, and helping reduce inequality in the world, which is something I’ve cared about ever since I was a kid, growing up privileged in a really poor town. But I guess, recently, it’s become more of a self-preservation thing…

As youth, we don’t have a voice in this fight… there’s no way that I can climb the government ladder and end up in a position of enough political power to save myself now. I’m never going to get that chance. And there are kids who are being born today, or born 10 years ago, they’re not really going to get that chance either, if we don’t start winning in the next couple of years.


BC’s budget is immoral and dangerous, neglecting our most urgent crisis

The 2013 budget for British Columbia shows the Liberal government does not comprehend the urgent environmental, economic and social crises that beset the province and planet.

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